What is SPMU?

Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) is also known as micro-pigmentation and it is form of temporary cosmetic makeup that has become extremely popular in recent years!

Waking up with no makeup on, and spending times before before fiddling with brows or eyeliner is a problem we can now solve using SPMU.

Other types include Semi-Permenent lip liner and eyeliner, as well as scalp micro-pigmentation – and although new to the market and less widely practised, semi-permanent foundation has been seen in the beauty industry in early 2019!

SPMU generally lasts from 12-24 months – so you are not making a permanent and lifelong commitment! Generally speaking, those who choose this route are very certain that they will be happy with the look for another two years because they have been applying it the same way every day for a long time and now want a more long lasting solution.


Prices for SPMU for Lips, Eye Liner / Eye Shadow & Eyebrows

  • start at £250

SPMU Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoo

  • Brows £300 – £350
  • Blush Lips starting from – £300

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